Saturday, March 28, 2009

We have an addition to the family!!!

Last weekend we adopted our second baby dog, Winston. He is a lovable chow-pug mix, who was rescued from W. Virginia just like Koda. He is 2-years old, and is the same size and similar color as our baby girl. He took some time getting used to things, but he seems to have fit right in. Koda has decided to also "adopt" him as her baby. She loves to mother him when he does something wrong. It is so interesting to see how similar they are to people. Koda gets jealous of him at times. Like, when he has his arm on her bed, she gets flustered and pulls the bed out from under him!! Now I can appreciate how stressed my parents got when Jonathan and I would fight. 

We got the results from Derick's chromosome testing, everything came back perfect. That was the last test that we were waiting for and now have a green flag to try expanding our human family. We are in no rush, and have decided to let nature take its course. God has a plan for us, and we are going to follow it. :) Who knows, maybe we will end up with 7 dogs! (Just kidding Mom!) 

The good thing with waiting is that we could potentially have a baby in 2010. Why is that important you ask? Well it is a bit of a Napoli tradition to have babies (specially girls in years ending in '0'. Ok here we go, Cousin Karen was born in 70, I was 80,  Cuz Vanessa was 90, my flower girl Kassidy was 00, and potential baby to be would be 10. Pretty cool, hunh? No pressure!