Thursday, October 8, 2009

Week of the Carrot

Weeks seems to keep flying by! 21.5 weeks this is really happening. I sometimes want to pinch myself because I can't believe it. I still feel great. I am starting to feel the baby. I am not talking about feeling it move, but actually can feel the baby's weight resting on my organs. Sometimes it is uncomfortable, especially after a 2 mile walk, but most of the time it is a cool feeling.

Because we just bought the store, we don't have the oppurtunity to go on a real babymoon. So instead of taking a week to go somewhere "one last time" we are trying to take a few weekends to do fun things. This last weekend, we went to Mohegan Sun for business and pleasure. The New England Pharmacists held a continuing education program so we were able to get the rest of our required CE for the year, and we were able to dabble in the slots. Derick and I broke even, but Courtney won over $100! Yeah Courtney. It was great seeing her and Neal. We are psyched that their pharmacy is doing well also. Just a bunch of pharmacy geeks.

I am especially excited for this weekend because Derick and I are going to Babies R U to register! Mixture of all my favorite things; being with Derick by ourselves, getting excited for the baby and most importantly...SHOPPING! I think this might be an overwhelming task for even me, but I am ready for the challenge. :)

Two last thoughts...
1. My roomate Em is doing the Ironman this weekend in Kona, HI! For those of you that are not familiar with triathalons, this is like the biggest and best of them all. Can you imagine doing an 2.4 mile swin, 112 mile back, followed by a full marathon??!! Nope neither can I, makes me tired just thinking about it. But Em is doing it and I am so proud of her. Not only did she spend the last year training for this, she also put her life on hold to care for her brother. She is such an inspiration...GO EM! You can follow her progress this Saturday at : her bib # is 1763.

2. Derick and I are blessed to have such wonderful parents. They have all been more than generous, helping out in ways that only they can do. Even though we are "grownup" we still depend on them. I hope we can be as great at parenting as they are.