Sunday, September 27, 2009

Halfway there!

I can't believe I am already posting that I am 20 weeks! Time has flown by. I still feel amazing. Aside from becoming a hefflelump, I wouldn't really know that I was pregnant. :) Every week brings new things. I am really feeling the baby move around a lot, it is one of my favorite things. We were all in the car yesterday and baby was moving. Derick likes to think it was because the baby has good taste in music...he was listening to Metallica! As I mentioned my body is definitely changing. I started to notice a bump around 16 weeks, but now you can really tell. I do like the changes, but I must admit, I didn't realize how emotional I would be about it. I feel like I am active and eating well (or at least better than before pregnancy), but gaining a lot of weight. I know it is for the good of the baby, so I try not to worry to much about it.

On the way to work two weeks ago, I was hit by another car. I went straight to the hospital to get checked out. Baby looked perfect, we even got a shot of the baby sucking its thumb. It is my mom's favorite picture yet.

So now that this pregnancy is "really real", Derick and I are starting to make way for the baby. We will be changing our office into the nursery. When I say office I mean "room with a desk, computer, and LOTS OF JUNK." Right now it is where something goes when we don't know where else to put it. So today is going to be the first of many days working to clean it up and prepare the space. Neither of us are too excited about this step, but it has to be done. It will be interesting to see what we find. Some boxes have been in the room untouched since the day we moved in.

Since we are not finding out the sex or sharing baby names, I will try to update the blog on other things. Especially the nursery. The inspiration for the room is the movie ' Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium'. I want it to be a fun room filled with classic toys and colors. The current idea for the walls is a solid sunbeam yellow on top, and a yellow striped bottom half with chair rail separating the two. I think it should look nice. More to come.