Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Getting even closer!

64 days left!! Holy Moly!

The nursery has made some huge steps towards completion. The hardwood floors are DONE! and look amazing. Derick and Kevin really worked hard, and had sore backs to prove it. Now we are just waiting for the furniture to come in. The crib, changing table and chest are slated to come this week. I can't wait to put them all together. Once the nursery is done, I think I will be 'ready' for this baby.

Derick and I had our one-day birthing class this past Saturday. The strange thing is that I didn't really learn anything new, but I really liked hearing it again. The more I hear the options, the more open minded I am becoming on going with the flow. Although ideally I would like to go IV-free (epidural included), I know I can't control this, and as long as I have a happy, healthy baby, I don't care how the baby gets out!

Also, I have included a couple of my favorite maternity photos. A friend of ours, Sarah Swan took them, I love how they came out. Just one more way for Derick and I to be together and get mentally prepared for this baby!