Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Derick!

This weekend Derick and I went to Bartlett, NH to celebrate Derick's Bday. We had a great time. Stayed at a Bed and Breakfast for the first time. I had always been nervous to try this because I never liked the idea of being in someone's home sharing a bathroom with perfect strangers. This was nothing like it. The innkeepers at the Bartlett Inn had a separate area on the property, and we stayed in cute little cottages. Each room had its own gas stove, tv, and yes...its own bathroom. Nick and Miriam, the owners put a lot of care into getting to know everyone, helping with fabulous suggestions for food and entertainment, and providing delicious home cooked breakfast every morning. I would really stay there again, and hope that it will be soon. 

While we were in Bartlett, we went on our first winter hike. We rented snowshoes, packed lunches, and got Koda equipped with her backpack and boots. She was hilarious when we first put them on her. She looked like a marionette with someone moving her legs. I get belly-pains from laughter every-time I watch the video. Once she got in the snow, she was fine. But the boots didn't last. She actually wore through all of the boots. So we let her finish the hike barefoot. The hike was a lot harder than I thought. It takes a lot to balance, truck through the snow, and not fall off the edge. Going down is harder than going up, as it was steep, ungroomed and we fell quite a few times. Koda was the only one in her element. We did have a great time. The scenery was breathtaking. Once you got to the top, you instantly forgot about the fatigue and curse words you may have used earlier. 

That night we treated ourselves to a well-deserved dinner at the White Mtn Cider House. It was recommended from our knowledgeable innkeepers and we loved it. A wonderful four-course meal by a husband and wife chef team. I think I enjoyed Derick's birthday as much as he did, and maybe a little more. 

So what about our TTC  (trying to concieve) journey? Well, the visit with the MD revealed that nothing can explain the 4 m/cs. I have gone through every test possible, and they all came back normal. With the exception of one. When I had the HSG procedure, the films showed that I have spina-bfida. Of course, it is a passive form, so I don't have any real health concerns. But having this makes it exremely likely to pass it on to offspring. So the OB started me on a very high dose Folic Acid, and after 1 month of being on it, it reduces the chances of my future kiddos having it to nearly zero. So I guess, everything really dose happen for a reason. I would have never known about this if I didn't have the HSG. 

So our next steps are to have Derick's chromosomes tested, which will probably not show anything. We were going to have it earlier, but it isn't covered by his insurance and costs a lot of money. We figured we should just get it done now so there aren't any gaps in the testing. Should find out the results soon. In the meantime we are enjoying our freedom and the luxury of being DINKs (double income-no kids). Someday down the road here we will try again. But for now we are loving being just husband and wife. 

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