Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2009! Thought you would never get here. :) 
I had a follow up visit with my OB. Everything is back to normal and doing well. The next step will be for me to get an HSG (hysterosalpingogram). In a nut shell, they will inject a dye into my uterus and take an x-ray. This will be able to definitively diagnose if I have a septum, or heart-shaped uterus. (What a nice name for such a troublesome condition) If in fact this is the case, I will go for a hysteroscopy to remove/fix it. 

So this is actually great news. There is now a more clear picture to what keeps going wrong, and there is an easy (but somewhat painful) fix. I feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 

So what else has been going on? Well we had a fun New Years with Jonathan, Whitney, Heather, and Kevin. We ate chinese and watched the new year come in while rocking out to guitar hero. Koda was not thrilled that we were up so late, way past her bedtime. 

Also, the new job at the VA is going really well. It has been a long orientation process as it is much different from the "real world", but I am really enjoying it. I hope to be in my new office this week. They have also dubbed me as a diabetes expert (hope I can live up to it) so I will be an active participant in the diabetes care. Starting to feel like I am a real clinical pharmacist. YIPPEE!  

My mom likes to say, "as one door closes, more seem to open." I used to secretly roll my eyes at that thought, but who knows, maybe there is something to it. 

What is my New Years resolution? Going greener. Seriously, once  you start to make little changes, you want to do more and more to save the environment. Do you have Comcast? Check out the 'Go Green' channel (#233 for us). It has a lot of cool shows, like 'Renovation Nation', and 'Stuff Happens' (With Bill Nye the Science Guy...he is why I love science so much).  It is amazing how something so easy as using canvas bags vs. plastic can make a difference. Ok...I am off my soap box....time to go hug a penguin. :) 

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