Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm a lucky gal.

Nothing really major this week. Just back to the grind after the holidays. Not that it is a resolution or anything, but I have been going and even enjoying the gym. Nothing really impressive, but Yoga on Monday, and Gym- Wednesday, Friday, and usually one day on the weekend. For me, that is pretty good.  Maybe someday I will get the desire to run a Marathon , ha ha.  Em, don't hold your breath. :)

Today, I got to officially use my office! This is a huge deal as nothing in the government is quick. I am still waiting for the lock to get changed, the heat fixed, and arrange the furniture, but at least it is my first office.  I have no expectations that these will be tended to in any sort of a rush, but that is what space heaters are for, right?  It was exciting being in there because after being there for an hour, I had two patient consults, and lots of introductions and welcomes from the staff and providers. They all seem really happy to have clinical pharmacy services.

To make the day even better, Derick sent me the most yummy edible arrangement to the office. There are few gifts more exciting than having a surprise package come to you for no reason, other than to say someone special is thinking of you. We just finished polishing off the pineapples and chocolate covered strawberries....yum yum.  Know what made it even more special? After I took off all the fruit, and discarded the sticks, I was able to wash and reuse the bowl, and compost the lettuce that used to arrange the fruit. It was delicious AND earth conscious! 

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