Friday, January 22, 2010

The Baby is coming! The Baby is coming!

Yesterday I went for my weekly checkup and things looked great. Had my test for the group B strep. It is a test they do around 36 weeks. Being positive means that there is a chance that the baby could get an infection, so they would start me on IV antibiotics when I started to deliver. Nothing else exciting at the visit, Dr. Bannister said it looked good and jokes that this was going to be a big baby! YIKES.

After dinner last night (I had made a taco dip...mmm) Derick, Winston and I were sitting on the couch and I got the sensation that I peed myself, I rushed upstairs so Derick wouldn't know and when I got to the bathroom, my pants were soaked! I went downstairs and told Derick. I could tell he was in shock. He just looked at me. We both dismissed it as being bad bladder control, but Derick suggested I back my bag just in case. As I was packing, the floodgates opened!! I am talking a ton water! I went through 3 pants just while packing. The OB on call, Dr. Weidner, said to come to the hospital and get checked out.

They checked us in, sure enough, my water had broke (not that I was doubting at this point). We decided not to do anything that night and just get some sleep. They did have to start me on the IV antibiotics, because the results of yesterday's test wasn't back yet. Getting the IV in was NOT fun. Took 4 tries and an anesthesiologist to get one in my hand! YUCK. Derick was very supportive because he knows how much I dislike IV.

We both slept well (with a little help from Ambien), woke up had some breakfast, took showers (Derick washed my hair like a pro). The doctor on today, Dr.Albushies (LOVE HER) and said that we would start on the pitocin to help the contractions along. So far we are going at a very low dose and will continue to increase. Going slow is good for two reasons:
1. It will give me a chance to start managing the pain gradually (still trying to go without the epi) and
2. My mom is in Florida to visit my grandparents. She just got there on Wednesday, and today had to turn around and come back. She should be here by 2pm, so here's hoping that she makes it.

Will try and keep you all updated! Love you!

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  1. Awww Kristyn, you look in great spirits here!!!

    Cant wait until you update your blog with your beautiful baby (im guessing boy).... Thiking of you!