Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Nursery is almost done!

I think the nesting instincts are starting to come to me. I couldn't take the nursery being unfinished. There was stuff here and there, without a rhyme or reason, things were still in boxes, and there was a random mattress in the middle of the room. Derick and my mom graciously helped me. I think they were extra patient with me because they knew I was in "the zone" and wouldn't stop til I was satisfied.

Now the room is not 100% complete, I am waiting for the window valance to arrive in the mail, Derick is finishing the ceiling light, and we still need wall decor. But if the baby was born tomorrow, we would be ready (well, maybe not mentally, but the nursery would be ready).

In other baby news, we had an ultrasound on Wednesday. It showed that the baby has some water on the kidneys or "fetal pylecticis". It could be a sign that the urethra might have a slight blockage, and down the road, the baby would have difficulty going to the bathroom. The good news is that, this usually resolves on its own, and we wouldn't have normally even been aware of it. But now that we are aware of it, the pediatrician will probably do an ultrasound on the baby after birth just to be sure. It is nothing that we are worried about, just gave us another chance to see our baby.

This last u/s was probably our favorite because the baby was really moving and grooving! At first, they were covering their face with their hands, and then we could see them open their mouth, stick out their tongue and lick their fists! We were laughing hysterically, even the U/S tech got a kick out of it.

I will try to post those u/s pics in a couple of days. For your viewing pleasure, I have added a video of the nursery. It is courtesy of my Mother-In-Law, Karen, who graciously gave me a flip video camera. Look out, it is so easy to use, that there will be lots more videos to come!


  1. Kristyn it is BEAUTIFUL! What a wonderful job. I love the dark wood against the yellow walls.

  2. I love the room! You and your Husband (and Mom) did an amazing job!!!

  3. It's beautiful! It's warm and inviting, perfect for a baby!

  4. beautiful! Now all you need is the little one to go in it:)

  5. The baby is lucky to have you and Derick as parents. Less than 1 month to go.